Your First Gig to Earn Money on the Side

This article is written as a guide to help you search out your first gig to earn money on the side. To be effective, you will need to do a couple of pencil and paper exercises to help you decide where to find your side gig.

Before you start searching for gigs, you must decide whether you want to take small gigs as a way to earn a few bucks, or do you want to start a full-fledged online business. If you are looking for small gigs, this series of articles is for you.

First Steps Earn Money on the Side

The first step in any of this is to know exactly why you are seeking ways to earn money on the side. In other words what is your goal? Are you expecting to learn how to make a few bucks to cover that golfing weekend, or a family vacation? Do you want to became an entrepreneur and leave your job as someone’s employee? Do you want to create a multi-million dollar corporation with hundreds of employees? If you want to start your own online business, then you would be better served by my other site, The Idea Merchant.

Setting Your Goal

Once you know why you want side gigs,exactly what information do you need before search for your first gig? Before you do anything, you will need to know exactly what type of gig you are seeking. The more specific, the better. Your first task, is to get paper (notebook is better) and pencil (a pen is better) and write down exactly what you want to achieve. What is your goal?

Make sure that your goal is clear. I want to be a millionaire is not a goal, but rather it’s a wish. I want to earn enough money to take my family to Disneyland by taking short gigs is a goal. It’s important that you know exactly why you want to find side gigs! Write down where you want to go. Stop reading here and write down your goal. Come back when you are done.

Your Skills to Earn Money on the Side

You’re back! I hope you have a clear vision of what goal you want to reach. Your next task is to list your skills. Do you know how to sell? Can you drive a delivery truck? Can you do the bookkeeping for your business? Are you good at grammar and spelling? What do you currently do to earn a living? And the list goes on. Try to cover all of the skills you possess that could possibly be useful in getting and performing gigs.

Once you decide what type of gig you want to pursue, you are ready to visit sites that can help in your quest. Before you grab your first gig to earn money on the side, you need to make sure that you are prepared physically to work and earn from home. I have an article on organizing your physical space, if you have not already read it, you should read my article on organizing to be successful.

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