Do You Need a Side Gig or to Learn Money Management?

So do you really need to start a side gig or to learn money management?

Here’s a little quiz to help you decide whether or not a side gig could help you.

If you received an extra $1,000 this month, would it:

  1. solve your money problems,
  2. solve your money problems for this month but they will return again next month, or
  3. allow you to purchase something that you want?

An honest answer, will determine where your problem lies.

1. Solve Your Money Problems

If your answer is number one, a side gig could definitely be your answer. You would likely benefit from a short term gig such as those found on or similar sites. Just do not pay for work! Check out our article Start a Business to Make Money Online.

2. Solve Your Money Problems for a Month

If your answer is number two, a side business may be the answer, but your problem could be deeper. You would be wise to determine exactly where your money is going, to see whether your problem is related to spending rather than earning. I suggest that you read my article on Managing Your Money, before you start looking for a side gig. If you are sure that your problem could be solved with a few extra bucks a month, take a look at providing a gig on or similar sites. For more information on getting your first gig, I recommend reading my article Getting Your First Side Gig.

3. Allow You to Purchase Something that You Want

Failed Money ManagementIf your answer is number three, specifically the $1000 would be used as a down payment on something, a side gig will probably never solve your problem. Before you can control your finances, you will need to review your entire outlook on finance. I suggest that you read my article on Managing Your Money for some tips in this area.

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